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In the year 2020 ORF Genetics received a 2,5 million € grant from the Horizon Europe program of the European Union to partially fund the R&D project, CCMeat, which involves developing a new product line of growth factors, MESOkine, and scaling up their production for use in the production of Cell Cultured Meat (CCM).  At the same time, the project aims to reduce the production cost of the growth factors to the level required by CCM companies to produce cell-cultured meat at a cost comparable to or lower than conventional meat.

By 2030, the MESOkine line will reach prices and scales of GFs allowing the production of cell-cultured meat at production costs in a similar range as conventionally produced meat in the scale of millions of tons of meat – truly a paradigm shift for the CCM industry. As the demand for meat continues to grow, this innovation will have a profound impact on our planet, enabling CCM to avert many of the negative consequences of conventional meat production.  The planet needs the solution of the CCM companies and they need ours.


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