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This is a unique way to have wonderful-tasting probiotic bread. Kombucha has the powerful probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii. This is not the yeast that causes infections or overgrowth. S. boulardii exerts the opposite effect, producing lactic and other acids known to inhibit potentially harmful candida yeast species. And since this probiotic yeast is resistant to heat, you will actually receive more probiotics than you can in any other bread. My family gobbles up this bread and it’s really easy to make. Only 5 ingredients and it ferments on the counter for 5 hours and then you pop it in the oven. I made my last batch with ginger kombucha and boy was it good. Kombucha is wonderful for colds and flus and this bread is a comfort to you when you need something warm and yummy and good for you. I wish everybody would try this bread and then they’d be hooked.

This bread is great with kefir cheese and your favorite cultured veggie or try my blueberry jam recipe, on the Kefir Chia Jam recipe.


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