10 years later, the proportion of textured vegetable protein substitute for meat will rise to 10%

The application of vegetable protein meat extraction still needs to solve many problems

In many articles, some scholars have pointed out that in the process of eating vegetable protein meat, there is often a beany flavor or the problem of unbalanced flavor of soybean food. For artificial meat or vegetarian meat, what special effects are there to remove the beany flavor and make the product more authentic?

“This is a technical difficulty in the research and development process of vegetarian meat products, and there is still no good solution.” Zhou Jingwen said, after all, it is vegan vegetable protein meat. The main raw material of vegetable protein, no matter what kind of protein, is More or less have their own flavor. Products made of soy protein will have a soy flavor, whether it is flavored or spiced, chewing for a long time, it will have the flavor of soy products.

According to experts, real meat has a very good fibrous structure, so the main purpose of vegetable protein processing is to make vegetable protein form a structure similar to animal muscle tissue through physical processing, and its texture, shape, and flavor and taste There is still a long way to go between realism and real meat. At present, various research institutions and companies are also studying how to further realise from the level of raw materials.

“Cell culture meat should in principle be a technical approach that is closer to real meat, but at present this technology is still at the level of culturing animal cells and has not yet effectively formed muscle tissue.” Experts said, in addition, we know that breeding chickens and walking on the ground The texture and taste of chickens are very different. This is not the relationship between cultivation and breeding, but only the difference caused by sports. At present, cultured meat has only completed the level of cell culture, has not yet entered the level of muscle tissue, and has not yet reached the level of exercise or not. All these issues need to be further studied.


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