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Newsom’s landslide win in California recall marks failure for GOP‘s anti-social ”health freedom” demagogy: Silent Majority of Vaccinated emerges despite media focus on loudmouth rejection front; Time for Dems to take gloves off!

In Virginia gubernatorial debate, Wall Street’s GOP candidate Youngkin showcases his plan for avoiding Larry Elder‘s fate: LYING!

Gen. Milley provides much-needed model of patriotism;

Playing small ball, FDA advisory board backs covid boosters for over-65s;

Definitively refuting trickle-down economics, 2020 direct stimulus payments cut US poverty rate by unprecedented 2.7% despite pandemic and closures; now make Child Tax Credit permanent!

MAGAt march on Capitol flops-

Protest march Saturday in support of MAGAt January 6 defendants is wild card that could go in any direction: Gen. Honore warns DC authorities to be ready for anything;

Following patriotic example of Defense Secretary James R. Schlesinger during the last weeks of Watergate in 1974, JCS Chair Gen. Mark Milley saw his task as preventing a mentally deteriorated Trump from launching an illegal nuclear attack or other aggression to stay in office via autogolpe; Following well-established procedures, Milley called China’s top general with assurances that a US sneak attack was not coming-

Alt-right demagogues were anti-war after 9/11, but are now happy to condemn Milley and approve nuclear war to propitiate Trump!

Webster G. Tarpley
September 14, 2021


September 14 marks the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri, one of the greatest architects of civilization: Onorate l’altissimo poeta.

Beware GOP front-runner and radio demagogue Larry Elder, who is worse than Trump!

Will fascist march on Capitol scheduled for Saturday escalate armed violence?

Corporate media push Togetherness of US political forces after 9/11: But this illusion was only the prelude to tragedies in Afghanistan and Iraq ordered by Bush;

Viewing Iraq and Afghanistan wars as two sides of same coin, Bush’s Baghdad proconsul Ambassador Paul “Jerry” Bremer emerges as a top architect of defeat: Bremer smashed the Baathist administration of Iraq, promoting chaos, and dissolved the Iraqi army, triggering civil war; Amid starvation, Bremer touted financial speculation as key to future;

In his memoirs, Bremer claims he was ordered to do these things by Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith, infamous as top neocon-

Recalling Dante Alighieri, 700 years after his death: “Onorate l’altissimo poeta”

20 years after 9/11, focus has shifted to domestic terrorism under heading of #CERTUNREST2021 on eve of September 18 threat;

On January 4 conference call, security officials were warned of danger of “mass casualty event” on Capitol Hill; so why so little action to defend counting of electoral votes?

DoJ seeks rollback for unconstitutional Texas abortion law;

In ambitious 6-point plan, Biden deploys OSHA to fight pandemic in workplace; Two dozen GOP governors and RNC hacks promise harassing lawsuits-

Corporate media programs on 9/11 stress radical subjectivism, but obscure contradictions of official narrative-!

Next Tuesday marks the 700th anniversary of the death of Italian poet and statesman Dante Alighieri, who died of malaria in Ravenna on September 14, 1321 after a peace mission to Venice; Celebrations are being held worldwide;

As Poet, Dante invented modern languages and created Italian as the first one; Powerful oligarchs tried to force him back into Latin only;

Serving as a governor of Florence, he armed the population and resisted the French-controlled Pope Boniface VIII, but was exiled for life;

In 1310, he helped Emperor Henry VII restore the rule of the Visconti family in Milan, which evolved over a few decades into the first modern state;

In his final years, Dante was a refugee with the Scala of Verona and the Polenta of Ravenna as Italy was dominated by Robert of Anjou, King of Naples, whom Dante attacked as a new Polyphemus the Cyclops;
Was Dante’s death the result of foul play by the long-hostile Venetian oligarchy?

PRC Foreign Minister Wang threatens no cooperation unless US appeases Beijing’s aggression; Chinese carbon emissions remain double those of US; Xi should simply stop building coal-fired plants!

September 2021 as season of key elections, including September 14 California recall, September 17-19 Russian Duma, September 20 for Canadian parliament, and September 26 for German Bundestag; US is stuck with September 18 MAGAt protest on Capitol Hill!

In 9/11 TV coverage, CNN’s study of Bush’s Booker School “My Pet Goat” visit and Naudet Bros. FDNY documentary avoid issues of how Afghan war began-

President ends two decades of Afghan conflict based on false pretenses; Warmongers rail against the incipient Pax Bideniana;

Time for scofflaw Supreme Court justices to stand in the dock of public opinion, leading to court reform; majority are not conservatives, but reactionary extremists;

September 18 Hill demonstrations loom in support of insurrection defendants; but will violent groups metastasize into local acts of mayhem?

Germany, France, Israel and others dispensing booster shots;

Newsome garners 58% in California recall polls; but beware the precedent of the Prussian coup of July 1932, the direct prelude to dictatorship!

US-NATO airlift rescues over 125,000; Awareness grows of nefarious role of Trump and Miller in sabotaging humane and orderly withdrawal;

US voters chose exit in 2006 by ending GOP Congress, but Biden is first president courageous enough to honor elections, not neocon Blob;

Time to ransom stranded US stragglers and auxiliaries using Afghan assets according to proven West German Cold War approach!

Recrudescence of international terrorism can only occur with backing of Moscow and Beijing controllers-

Blob dominates Sunday shows across spectrum with warmonger raving: neocons failed, but “we” did not!

The same depraved corporate media that brought you Trump are now vying to tear down Biden over his work to end neocon-Bush-Trump Afghan tragedy; US and NATO evacuate about 120,000-
As Florida shows worst pandemic performance in nation, ex-Gov. Frist now leads deSantis for 2022; Judge stops ban on mask requirements in schools; Rep. Val Demings in tie with GOP‘s Rubio for senate; Reactionary Supremes demand evictions;

New book reveals how California recall demagogue Larry Elder and infamous ideologue Steve Bannon sponsored career of Trump‘s resident xenophobe Stephen Miller, who helped wreck special immigrant visa process;

On August 28, honoring Aurelius Augustinus of Bône, Algeria (aka St. Augustine of Hippo Regius), the brown-skinned African who founded western civilization based on Plato at the end of the Roman Empire-


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