How can we get there?

If you want the world to change, offer a better solution!

Better solutions irrevocably replace current solutions. The landline phone replaced the telegraph, and the mobile phone replaced the landline phone. To ultimately replace animal meat with lab meat, it must be many times better. Better meaning: healthier, better tasting and cheaper.

Demand drives supply. Supply drives competition. Competition drives innovation.

To get lab meat which is a lot better than animal meat, we must create an environment in which many companies compete. For these companies to form and compete, we need strong demand for lab meat.

But there is a problem:

At the current time, lab meat is too expensive in order for wide spread demand to form organically. Without the demand, innovation is slow or stagnant. The few companies trying to manufacture lab meat still rely on outside investments instead of running on their own profits. Governments move too slowly. Lab grown meat is still forbidden in all major countries. New legislations pass slowly and are too unclear. It all can come to a final halt at any time. If we don’t act, we might never reach our goal of ending factory farming. And the situation for billions of animals and their young will stay unchanged.

The solution:

We must generate enough demand for lab meat, in order for politicians to create and pass supporting laws and guidelines. For manufacturers to reach economy of scale. And to create industrial profits that enable further research and innovation, ultimately resulting in inventing better and cheaper meat.


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