Shiok Meats

Shiok Meats is a cell-based meat and seafood company – the first of its kind in Singapore and South-East Asia.
“Shiok” in Singapore and Malay slang means fantastic, delicious, and simply, pleasure.

Our mission is to bring delicious, sustainable, and healthy seafood to your table, using our technology to grow meat from healthy cells instead of animals. Currently, we produce crustaceans like shrimps, crabs, lobsters and are the first in the world to do so using cellular agriculture technology.

Our meats are real meat, delicious and nutritious. Our meats are animal-, health- and environment-friendly.
Same great taste, better for the planet!

We are currently in the R&D phase and target to commercialise in 2022.

How are cell-based meats and seafood made?


Testimonials from our advisors and investors

“Shiok Meat will make one of the most significant and beneficial impacts on the ocean and the seafood industry. We’re pleased to be part of Shiok’s journey.” – Andrew D. Ive, Big Idea Ventures

“This is going to be the clean meat century and Shiok Meats is leading the way!” – Matt Clifford, Co-founder and CEO, Entrepreneur First

“Shiok Meats is powering the future of food and clean protein in Asia. As an early investor in Memphis Meats, Finless Foods (the two clean meat leaders in the US) and now Shiok Meats, Asia’s leading clean meat company. I’m certain Shiok will transform the food industry in Asia and globally.” – Ryan Bethencourt, CEO of Wild Earth and Partner at Babel Ventures

“I’m excited by how Shiok can transform the way the humans eat seafood – for the better!” – Simon Newstead, Founder, Bite Society & Vegan Angel Investor

“Shiok is reinventing the $40 billion shrimp industry by reducing meat fraud, use of harmful chemicals, slave labor, and overfishing. Now that’s the definition of fantastic!” – Julia Lipton, Investor & General Partner at Awesome People Ventures 

“We’re proud to support Shiok’s women-led team in bringing clean meat to high-impact markets.” – Alex Payne & Nicole Brodeur, early-stage investors (Memphis Meats, Next Level Burger)

“Proud to be supporting female pioneers in bettering the world through science and technology! Go Shiok!” – Lawrence Wu, AngelVest, Angel Investor



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