Future Food News Review Podcast: Is cultured meat delicious? Should hydroponically-grown food be organic?

A couple of weeks ago we hosted our second Future Food News Review on Clubhouse with leading journalists reporting on the front lines of the foodtech, agtech and food systems revolution. (Read about the first edition here.)

Join us for the Future Food News Review this week on Clubhouse at this link (from your iPhone!)

Fifteen journalists joined Danielle Gould and I for a wide-ranging and nuanced discussion about the top headlines of the week. They were:

Kim Severson, The New York Times ~ Chloe Sorvino, Forbes ~ Greenaway, Twilight, Civil Eats ~ Megan Poinski, Food Dive ~ Kate Cox, The Counter ~ Cathy Erway, New York Magazine ~ Kristen Hawley, Expedite ~ Monica Watrous, Food Business News ~ Brett Anderson, NYT ~ Sonalie Figueiras, Green Queen Media ~ Leah Douglas, The Food & Environment Reporting Network ~ Jennifer Marston, The Spoon ~ Errol Schweizer, Forbes ~ Elaine Watson, FoodNavigator ~

You can listen to the podcast below or over here on the Future Food website where you’ll find the transcript.

It was a lengthy session – two hours in total – but we covered a lot of ground with the journalists all jumping in to comment and ask questions about each other’s stories so the whole time was chocca block with interesting insights.

Here’s what you can expect from the second edition:

A conversation about alternative proteins you probably won’t hear elsewhere. There were several news items about alt proteins that week (and every week really!) including Eat JUST’s $200m funding round and consumer survey, and a new report predicting that alternative proteins could account for 11% ($290 bn) of the market by 2035 vs 2% in 2020.

Kim Severson introduced the news about the federal court’s approval of the organic label for hydroponically-grown produce, which got the journalists talking.

We also bantered about how farmers are responding to the pandemic-induced restaurant industry shutdown in choosing what to plant, how states are rolling out Covid-19 vaccines for food system workers, how junk food companies are using TikTok to advertise to young people, and we dug into Deliveroo’s IPO which Sonalie Figueras very wisely predicted would be a dog!

We’re still testing out this format and would love to hear your suggestions for great journalists for us to include to ensure we’re bringing diversity of thought to the headlines discussed.

We’re hosting it again this (and every) Friday at 7am PDT on Clubhouse. Here’s the event to join us !



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