Bill Gates advocated synthetic meat, now netizens are having hard time digesting it

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has stirred the internet once again, this time for his comments on synthetic meat. The billionaire, in his book “How to avoid a climate disaster: The solutions we have and the breakthroughs we need” had urged the rich nations to switch to “100% synthetic beef” since “poorest 80 countries” won’t be eating the same. He doubled down on his proposition by stating that people will, eventually, “get used to the taste difference”.

Soon after his book launched on February 16, Gates triggered slurry of Twitter reactions. Many also specified several reasons to discount Gates’ explanation, while others simply called Gates a “sociopath” who wanted to take away people’s steaks. However, most of the people reacted humorously to the proposal, several out of them jokingly posted pictures of plastic meat served in plates. Many also termed it as a “good idea”.

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What is synthetic meat?

Synthetic or cultured meat that Bill Gates mentioned in an interview with MIT Technology Review, is produced by the in vitro cell culture of animal cells instead of livestock. Basically, it is a form of cellular agriculture and the cultured meat is produced using many of the same tissue engineering techniques that are used in regenerative medicine. Science Focus said in an article that the world had watched as food critics tucked into the first-ever lab-grown burger, back in 2013.  That pink patty that was placed in front of the media took two years to prepare and over $300,000 to produce. 

However, since then, the cost of producing artificial meat has plunged. In January 2016, a company called ‘Memphis Meats’ produced a “cultured meatball” for around $1,000. Now, several start-ups and non-profit organisations are working on several other lab-grown animal products including pork, chicken, turkey, fish, milk, egg whites, gelatin, and even leather.

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